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Why Schedule a Termite Inspection?

Although small, termites and other wood-destroying organisms can cause significant damage to a home, especially if an infestation goes untreated or unnoticed. In California, most lenders require a termite certification before agreeing to a loan agreement with their client. Don’t let an infestation go unnoticed – schedule your professional Termite Inspection in the Coachella Valley today.

What to Expect from Your Termite Inspection

Bright Inspection Group has over 21 years of professional experience in the termite industry, and we are dedicated to helping home sellers, buyers, and owners find and repair the termite damage in the home or avoid costly repairs related to termite damage altogether. During the thorough visual inspection, we will be looking for a few different things. We will search the safely accessible areas of the home for termites so that we can pinpoint exactly where an infestation should be attacked. We will also be searching for any damage to the wood and structural components of the home suggesting that termites are present. Because termites and other wood-destroying organisms are attracted to moisture, we will also be looking for any water damage or leaks in the home that make it a habitable environment for these pests.  

Recommendation for Treatment

After the Termite Inspection, we work together with our clients as they take the proper steps towards remediation or finalizing their real estate transaction. Our professional inspectors will recommend which types of treatment clients should pursue and, if there was damage to the home, which repairs should be made before the property is sold. We will take care of all of the paperwork required to clear an escrow, making the process easier for our clients.

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